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A solid foundation

When it comes to the structural re-leveling of your home, you can't afford to take chances! All American Foundation Repair & Drainage INC will get your job done right the first time - guaranteed!

Foundation repairs

Your foundation repairs will be completed on schedule and on budget! Don't make a mistake with your foundation - call us first.

Make the right choice

Home drainage systems

Save 10% off your service

All American Foundation Repair

& Drainage INC offers a 10% discount for fire fighters, military, police, and senior citizens and FREE estimates!

Don't allow moisture to pool around your home and compromise your foundation - let us install a drainage system today!

This is the video our competitors don't want you to watch! Get the facts on professional, reliable foundation repairs for your home.

for your most important investment

One of the first things you ask yourself is How can I get my foundation fixed right the first time?


That is an excellent question!


I have 48 years' experience running my own construction business and so I understand customer service. Back in 70s and 80s two of my big customers were Wal-Mart and Southland Corp. the 711 folks. You had to have experience, integrity and reliability. I now spend a lot of my time redoing foundation repairs done by my competitors that have little or no previous experience in construction or running their own business.


Repairing the foundation is like open heart surgery on your home. If a contractor has never built homes or buildings before you wonder why they do not know where to put the piers, how to space them properly, what kind to use, how to install the piers they are selling, how much to lift, how not to over lift or how to do the lifting in a manner that will cause the least amount of new damage.  


I challenge you to go to any competitor's website and try to figure out what they were doing before they started in the foundation repair business that now makes them think they are qualified to do a structural repair on your home. Do not make a mistake with your foundation - call All AmericanFoundation Repair & Drainage INC.


Thank You!


Dave Hall