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The following quotes are taken from some actual customer letters that you will receive in a sales booklet at the time of your foundation assessment. See what a few of them have had to say about the expert work done by All American FFoundation Repair & Drainage INC

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We recently contracted with All American Foundation Repair & Drainage INC to level our 40 plus-year-old home. From the office staff to the crew-they all performed their jobs to accomplish the job that was promised.


- Carpenter, Mesquite, TX

Dave, I wanted to thank you, first of all, for delivering on your commitment to complete the monumental task of repairing my foundation. For years, we thought it would be an insurmountable task to accomplish, however, thanks to your excellent staff, it was completed.


- Holliness, Glenn Heights, TX


David's knowledge of construction and foundation work was very impressive. His personal and professional qualities were also evident from the start. We knew that we were dealing with a true professional who cares about doing every facet of the job right.


- Fry, Arlington, TX


After a disappointing experience with another company the work by All American was like night and day. Sean, Frank, and the crew showed up on time and went straight to work. The work was done in a professional and timely manner. They took care to protect everything and did an excellent job on the cleanup. Everything went smoothly from the beginning to end and your presence and precision with the actual lift was greatly appreciated. I'm glad I chose All American and will recommend your company to any on in need of foundation work.


- Weaver, Cedar Hill, TX


Dave explained to us how to adjust our sliding glass door and took it off for us. He seemed very willing to help us and had a great attitude. I was concerned that my husband, Garth, and I would not be able to get it back on so Dave took the time and effort to actually make the adjustment and put the door back on. Garth offered him some money, but he refused to take it.


- Richards, Cedar Hill, TX


You explained carefully what was to take place with the necessary foundation work. You also took the time to make suggestions on how to improve our drainage. We were very pleased that you were able to lift our driveway and walkway which had subsided. We realize that some foundation companies won't do driveways and walkways.


- Blancher, Plano, TX


We were very pleased with the results, from the initial visit you paid us offering different estimate options to suit our particular project, the clear explanation of your process, to the last bit of landscaping returned to its place after the project was complete.


- Stryker and Shivers, Crandall, TX


I would not hesitate to recommend this crew to anyone. Please convey my sincere thanks to Frank and every member of his crew—it was a pleasure to see a team work so well together to accomplish a task.


- Cope, Wylie, TX


This is to thank you for finally putting our house on level. Your crew of Frank and his wonderful hard working men were just great to work with. They not only did a great job, but went to the trouble of saving my favorite tree. We also want to compliment the way your workers put all the right finishing touches at the end of the job. Our doors now open and close the way they should.


- Sferlezza, Carrollton, TX


With All American we got the total package…your company was the only one that included the engineering report and water leak test (only one other company even mentioned that it 'should' be done).


- Koster, Dallas, TX


David, thank you for getting this done quickly. Sooner than expected. Sean and his team did a great job. I appreciated Sean's experience and dedication to a job well done.


- Laurin, Irving, TX


You came to my house in Arlington, at my request, to give me an estimate for foundation repair. To my pleasant surprise, you told me that I didn't need any foundation repair! And, since I had mentioned that I intended to sell my home, you suggested I contact a structural engineer for an inspection and report. You said that if the engineer found that I needed any piers, your company would be happy to provide that service.


- Hood, Arlington, TX


When we had the engineer out to look at the problems our house had, he highly recommended your company for the foundation work that was needed. We decided to take his recommendation and are glad we did. One of the other impressive things was actually after the work, Sean and his men did the most excellent cleanup I have ever seen.


- Jones, Carrollton, TX


Thank you for your recommendation on a stable watering system using a soaker hose. You guys are in need of a compliment for giving this free and easy solution to a potential costly repair. Thank you for truly looking out for your neighbor and not just for your bottom line like many other companies. We really need more companies like yours that run on principles.


- Olguin, Arlington, TX


Just a brief note to compliment the work that Sean and his crew did to correct the problems we had with our foundation. I've long admired companies that employed talented personnel that are on time, skillfully do the work that needs to be done, and are attentive to the smallest detail.


- Edwards, Rockwall, TX


I would also like to thank Amanda, who is a big treasure in your organization. Amanda always kept us updated on your scheduling, when the crew would arrive, and any delays experienced by traffic. It is a pleasure to deal with Amanda, as well as Frank, Sean, and the rest of the crew.


- Svatik, Copper Canyon, TX


This letter comes with our deepest appreciation for all, you and your crews did to assure our foundation repair was done with excellence. We appreciate the integrity of your company, and how each one involved (from owner, to the office staff, to the crews) went above and beyond what was expected of them.


- Leger, Grand Prairie, TX


Frank was very understanding of my major concern that upon leveling, the shift would break the huge picture in my sunroom. He stressed to his crew to jack with extreme caution. The result was no breakage. Thank goodness for that as I had already replaced one window when the house first shifted during our very dry summer.


- Meranno, Mesquite, TX


The entire crew assigned to level our foundation was very professional in every way. Sean and Frank directed all work as required by the plan you drew up. The foundation was lifted and put back to level as it needed to be. This was all verified by a construction engineer I hired to verify all of the work performed by your crew.


- Jeffcoat, Forney, TX


We would like to say that we noticed your crew all seemed to be friends with each other. There did not seem to be any bickering among them. Everyone knew their job and got right to it when they arrived. The work was done and cleaned up so that you would not know anyone was digging under the foundation. The bushes were replaced and the flowerbeds returned to beautiful condition.


- Garrett, Richardson, TX


I want to thank you for explaining the entire process of the repairs needed on my house. Your experience and knowledge was very evident as we discussed the repairs needed. I talked with 2 other Foundation Repair companies, but I chose you because of your professionalism and honesty. Again, I would like to thank you and the crew for performing an outstanding job. I know I made the right decision in choosing All-American Foundation Repair.


- Carpio, Garland, TX


And I have to say, that of the hundreds of questions I had for Sean, Frank, and yourself, I was satisfied with the answers and that the actual repair efforts I saw were consistent with our discussions.


- Mody, Plano, TX


Just a brief note to compliment the work that Sean and his crew did to correct the problems we had with our foundation. I've long admired companies that employed talented personnel that are on time, skillfully do the work that needs to be done, and are attentive to the smallest detail. Sean led the crew and Amanda supplied the finishing touch.


- Edwards, Rockwall, TX


Because it was dark by the time the job was finished, Sean came back another day to check on the sprinkler system, adjusting and replacing a couple of sprinkler heads. Kudos to Amanda in the office for her great customer service.


- Sutherland and Douglas, Dallas, TX


The first day when they began hand digging the holes we were told that they were going to put the dirt that they were removing right next to hole on the plywood. This posed an issue for us because we thought that much of the landscape might be crushed and ruined. Sean and his team came up with a solution that saved the landscape and did not cause too much extra work for your group. In fact, when you guys left you could not even tell that we had foundation work done.


- Moore, North Dallas, TX


We chose All-American Foundation Repair because you are so detailed and precise. During the estimate process you explained in depth things that others did not mention, so we picked All-American Foundation. We also would like to thank the plumbers who will be helping in giving us a plumbing test and your personal secretary Amanda, as when I asked for you to come personally she made that happen without a blink of an eye.


- House, Irving, TX


After checking on several different companies, I chose your company to do my foundation work, and I am glad I did. After the job was completed, I have a door that now closes, and I've only noticed one new crack that occurred as a result of the lifting.


- Baree, Dallas, TX


It was a giant job, to our thinking, utilizing 32 outside piers and 23 inside piers, and the men handled everything professionally. They took care to not disturb plants in front of the house, were careful with the carpet and protected all the furniture, light fixtures and fans. I believe nothing was damaged during the whole week long process. Frank and Sean and their crews went above and beyond by putting in extra hours in the evenings in order to finish the job on time.


- Speed, Grand Prairie, TX


I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Sean and his crew, who worked on my foundation. Despite all the problems they kept running into, they completed the work in a very timely manner. Sean was always here exactly when he said he would be. In fact, I told him I could set my watch by him. All were very pleasant and were a pleasure to have here at my home. Please let them know how much I appreciate a job well done.


- Herchman, Duncanville, TX


After a long process of scheduling, rescheduling and finally completing 5 estimates with all 3 different methods of repair, I was exhausted and confused by all the slick sales guys. Dave was a breath of fresh air and didn't try and sell me more than I needed. His bid came in under all the others and he just really seemed so much more knowledgeable and honest. There was a concern with all the companies' that the mirrors could crack or break and the upstairs deck could pull away from the house. Dave agreed that it was a possibility but could almost assure he could do it without damage due to his method of precise measured, simultaneous lifting. He was right! He was there to personally supervise the lift and everything went great. No broken mirrors and no messed up deck.


- Rutherford, Garland, TX


Previous experience with foundation work on our home was a great disappointment. We were hesitant and cautious in choosing another organization when it became apparent that "something had to be done"! After much prayer and thoughtful consideration, your company was just picked out of the telephone book. God must have guiding our fingers.


- Nowell, Farmers Branch, TX


They approach the job with professionalism and kept me well informed on the day-to-day status of the project.


- Ross, Cedar Hill, TX


Your expertise in lifting the house was impressive and we had no additional damage from the lifting. Also, doors which were out of adjustment, are now in adjustment, and my bathroom door which has always closed by itself, now stays open like it should.


- Fulton, Grapevine, TX


David, I appreciate your presence and the precision you used in orchestrating the actual lifting procedure. You really demonstrated a passion for what you do. Again, thank you for a job well done.


- Collins, Carrollton, TX


Hank Day and All American Foundation Repair & Drainage INC have exceptional customer service. Your company has clearly stumbled across the fact that having outstanding customer service helps a company's bottom line. The vast majority of companies never learn that.


- Springston, Grapevine, TX


I did want to say that Frank and his crew were some of the hardest working people I have ever run across.


- Grace, Murphy, TX


For such an invasive process as foundation repair, they managed to keep the site extremely clean, they were professional, cautious, courteous, hard-working and I would have any of them back to our home.


- Hupp, Highland Village, TX


We are pleased that our house foundation has been stabilized and we thank you for the work of your crew in doing such a good job.


- Waldrop, Carrollton, TX


When the engineer arrived on Thursday to do a post-engineering report, he commented on how close to perfect the house had been leveled, stating that he expected nothing less from All-American Foundation....Thank you again for your help, courtesy, integrity and professionalism.


- Guin and Blackbourn, Mesquite, TX


Doors that opened one day would not open the next. Absolutely none of this has occurred since the foundation work last fall. In other words, the house does not move and I am ecstatic!...I have and will continue to highly recommend All American Foundation Repair & Drainage INC to anyone. Your expertise and devotion to maximizing the stability of houses through solid foundation work is evident from the first encounter to the last.


- Tietze, Irving, TX


My first contact with your company was professional and courteous and did not change throughout your service. I would highly recommend All American Foundation to anyone who had foundation problems if they wanted the work done quickly and most importantly done right.


- Cross, Grand Prairie, TX


The individuals doing this job were impressive in their knowledge of what had to be done, helped each other when they were not busy with their own task, did all the required procedures in an efficient and timely manner and worked together in textbook fashion. The workers listened to their supervisors who worked together very well. All tasks were performed just as I was told they would be. Not once was it necessary for me to say, "that's not right", or "I didn't know you were going to do that.


- Long, Denton, TX


When I researched your company, I found out you have an "excellent reputation". Your company should be very proud of your employees. My friends saw the house before and after the work was done. They can't get over the change. Thanks for giving me the "peace of mind" that the foundation was done right and by a professional company!


- Lansdon, North Richland Hills, TX


I appreciated the efficiency of your crew in getting the job done in the three days you promised to complete the work. Also I’m glad you changed the swale on South and North side to a covered drain. Additionally, I was impressed by the report on your work made by the engineer, Barry Kockler.


- Crivello, Double Oak, TX


Both of the foreman and their crews were courteous to me and my family. The house and yard look great. Thanks again for giving back to us a level house.


- Livingston, Dallas, TX


Since this was my second house to have your company level I believe we are on a first name bases. Your company leveled my first house in Grand Prairie, TX back in 2000. I really appreciated then that the owner of the company was the person that came out to do the initial leveling specifications and then took the time to tell us what was needed and could be done but what was not necessary, especially when two other companies had given different recommendations. Your honesty and genuine concern for me, and my family, and the house was what sold me on your company.


- McCarter, Police, North Richland Hills, TX


We’d like to compliment you and your crew that did the work on our house while doing the drainage work for foundation repairs. You’ve got a good group of guys. Please tell them thanks for us.


- Hendon, Lake Ridge, Cedar Hill, TX


From the moment your trucks and crews arrived, I felt confident I had made the correct choice in foundation repair companies. The trucks were loaded impeccably clean and orderly. The foremen introduced themselves and explained the process of what was to come. It was my genuine pleasure to shake each one of these gentleman’s hands and congratulate them on a job, not just “well done”, but over and above all expectations of the job! You should feel proud to have such outstanding employees on your staff.


- Martin, Flower Mound, TX


I was impressed with your professionalism and courtesy and look forward to our continued business relationship.


- Kissinger, Garland, TX


But it was Hank who really made all the difference. He began by explaining everything in advance of lift in simple, understandable terms and following up with a superb job of actually leveling the foundation once the piers were placed. Hank’s integrity and unwavering commitment to complete customer satisfaction speaks loudest about All American. Any company principled enough to hire and keep someone like Hank is ahead of the competition.


- Bailey, Denton, TX


As you know and voiced, foundation repair is very unsettling for homeowner. You were completely honest with me in what to expect and answered every question and concern that I had honestly. Your crew is extremely hard working and courteous. You can be very proud of their behavior and work ethic. Hank is delightful and I learned he is much respected in your industry. I can gladly and with good conscience, refer my friends to All American.


- Hart, Plano, TX


When discovering the magnitude of the cost for foundation repair it was difficult deciding on what company and direction to take. We have been burned by contractors in the past from shoddy work to over billing. All American was the exception. You had the patience to answer all of our questions and make suggestions outside the box by providing directional boring without having to “pier” from within. From the first day to the last we have never seen a harder working crew that treated our property like it was their own. We would like to thank you on an excellent job done!


- Pryne, Dallas, TX


We obtained estimates from 4 different companies including those on television. All American was the only company to identify the source of our problem, which was a slow leak under our house. We repaired the leak as a result of your verified findings. In addition, your prices were competitive and the workmanship exemplary. Thank you again for the opportunity to work with your expert organization.


- Lt. Col. (Ret) Washington, Dallas, TX


The crew was wonderful and worked so hard. I appreciate the extra care they gave me. Terrific job, thank them again for me.


- Paddock, Dallas, TX


I would like to thank you very much for your professionalism during the process of our discussion of the foundation problem at my house. I would highly recommend All American Foundation to all my family, friends, and fellow realtors.


- Puri, Realtor, Irving, TX


Not only were they very courteous to me, they were very professional and took great care of my yard and house while they were preformed their work.


- Cooke, Carrollton, TX


I want to thank you and your company for solving my foundation problems. They all were very HARDWORKING and took care of my house like they were working on their own homes. THANKS again and I already recommended you and your company to another person at work.


- Mosher, Mesquite, TX


Thanks so much for being patient with us. Your professionalism was great. Thank you and your company. We will recommend our family and friends as well.


- Hutchinson, Desoto, TX


I also want to thank the crew for not smoking on the job. I am a reformed smoker and the smell of anyone smoking makes me ill. I would like also like to commend Amanda. She was the consummate professional and very helpful in helping me with any questions I had or getting a message to you. It takes a great boss to lead a great crew. Thank you again for all that you have done.


- Koesters, The Colony, TX


I can tell you that once we knew how big of a job it would be to restore our beloved home to levelness we were anxious. Our engineer, Barry, is a delight of a fellow and extremely professional. We did some checking around and when all was said and done, we contacted you. You guys are good, real good! Thanks.


- Ousley, Highland Village, TX


Everything was completed on schedule and I feel that is a tribute to your people and their attention to detail. Thanks to your people for getting us through the foundation repair process.


- Shue, Carrollton, TX


The reason for this letter is to express our appreciation for the cooperation we garnered from your crew during a most stressful time. It was the first time we were displaced inside our own home. And, it could have been much worse if your crew had not been paying attention to our request. Hank provided technical clarification and incites regarding what was being done and what we could expect in the future.


- Celestine, Lake Ridge, Cedar Hill, TX


As the owner of a 45 year old home in bad need of foundation repairs I had my share of stress over doing major leveling job on the structure. However, I soon found your crew to be very hard working crew which was always on time and very professional in all of the leveling job. They all have years of experience in foundation work and it paid off in a smoothly run project. I believe its leveler now than when it was built.


- Bonnell, Dallas, TX

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